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These days, everyone is looking for the best way to save money on everyday items from gas to groceries and everything in between. Backpacks, textbooks, long lists of supplies and a new fall wardrobe, especially during this time when prices are higher than previous years can really put a damper on the family budget. First National Community Bank has outlined some key back to school shopping tips to help you save money.


Tip #1:  Stick to The List & Budget

While it can be tempting to add some additional items that are not on the back to school list and desire the latest name brands, especially when it comes to backpacks and that fresh fall wardrobe, it is important to avoid the temptation to purchase items that are not necessary. Set a budget and once all the items on the list are purchased, you can then decide whether or not to spend the extra money on items on your “wish list” or save it for a rainy day.

Tip #2:  Stock Up and Save

Buy enough school supplies while prices are low. The supplies will last through at least the first half of the year and maybe even through the end of the school year when supplies are not as deeply discounted or not on sale at all.

Tip #3:  Price Match 

Take advantage of price matching by coming prepared with better pricing from competitors. You’ll also visit fewer stores this way and save money on gas too! 

Tip #4:   Look for Freebies and BOGOs

Some stores will offer freebies when you buy certain supplies or spend a certain amount of money on backpacks, clothing, etc. You can find out which stores offer these types of promotions by visiting their website or picking up their ad circulars.

Tip #5:  Look For Manufacturer Coupons 

You can sometimes get the biggest cost savings the old fashioned way – by clipping coupons. Pick up flyers and circulars in store or your local newspaper that have manufacturer coupons. You can also find them in magazines geared toward parents like Parenting.


Plan ahead with these tips so that you can save money on back-to-school supplies during the 2022 season. As your locally owned community bank of choice, the success of your financial future is top of mind. We offer Personal Checking Accounts, Money Market, Personal Savings Accounts, CDs, IRAs, Business Loans, Mortgages and Personal Loans of all shapes and sizes and much more! To learn more about First National Community Bank’s financial solutions, contact us here.

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